Why developing an iOS app is a worthwhile investment for your business

While both Android and iOS mobile apps are equally powerful in the impact of doing business to a globally visible audience, iOS can give you more benefits if you think long-term. According to Statistic reports, the world has more apps for Android users (nearly 2.5 million) than iOS apps (roughly 2 million). So, in the end, for entrepreneurs and retailers, Apple’s App Store is second only to Google Play Store in popularity. For companies that want to gain a huge user base, the Android application is the perfect choice. But if you want your app to not only search for the right users, but also offer a quality experience, then the iOS app is the right thing for you. Here are a few more factors to help you understand why investing in an iOS app is better for your business.

The brand name says it all

One of the prominent reasons to put the iOS app at the forefront of your business is its unique “brand identity”. Apple has held the legacy of delivering high-quality phones and tablets for years. As a clear winner in a market with a high brand reputation, Apple devices are attracting the attention of elite segments of the population.

Smooth UX / UI iOS device

It is undeniable that Apple is a master at designing and developing the most flawless user experience for any device. Everything from the graphical interface, the look of the screen, the standard of animation to the navigation is designed keeping in mind the expectations of the users. This makes all versions of the iPhone and iPad highly performance-driven and therefore the iOS app can offer a much better user experience.

Help you compete better

The iOS app will help you stand out better in the competition. Helping you connect with your customers to increase your brand’s reputation makes your business unique compared to the competition. In addition, each iOS device comes with an excellent quality standard and innovative features that will help the app to provide its services to users in an outstanding way.

The number of iPhone users is growing day by day

Although statistics show a higher number of Android devices than iOS, data on the number of iOS users reflects the growth trend. This means that your iOS app will see that its user base will eventually grow in the long run.

Improved security level

There is no doubt about the level of security offered in Apple devices. It offers superior security and data privacy guarantee. This is considered to be the best aspect of using iOS. So, for apps that seek to gather information from customers, support payment options, and facilitate data transfer, iOS is the right platform. ‘

No matter how successful Android has been in gaining users around the world, iOS has its own different user bases and this will set your app apart from others if it was made for iOS. Listed as the best mobile platform, it will help your business gain a strong digital presence and increase revenue by meeting the expectations of each user in the right way.

Gann Ideas, Pivot Points և Fibonacci:

Numerous articles and books have been written about WD Gann. I was lucky enough to read some of his original writings back in the 1990s. I researched Gann եմ I have my own version of the Gann system. The most important phrase I read from Gan is, “Time is the most important factor in analyzing and forecasting market movements.” I could not agree more. In this article, I will look at how I exchange key points using Fibonacci levels իմ my time versus Ganns principle.

The first points you need to find are what are known as swing points. The swinging point is the last highest or lowest. There must be at least 8 large numbers between them to be considered moderate swings. You can use less points difference, they are not so significant. After discovering one of these levels, you move to the left side of the chart (going back in time) to find the other. I’m going to use EUR / USD prices with dates so you can find what I’m doing և apply the analysis. Looking at the latest price data (today is 1/27/09) we have a personalized shirt made on December 18, 2008 at the level of 1.4720. We move to the left և find the lowest of’s on October 27 և 28 1, 1.2330. Now we have to work with the swinging points. We will find the basic levels of support և resistance to change Fibonacci ratios. Then find the key points for each day to see if there are any deviations.

The formula for finding Fibonacci points is as follows. Take the highest և subtract the lowest to find the oscillating range. It will be 1.4720 – 1.2330 = .239 big numbers. Fibonacci coefficients are .382, .618, .8200 (my ratio), 1.382,1.618,2.236,2.618,3.618 Now we take the range and multiply by the coefficients..239 * .382 = .091298 Now we will take the highest. Raise or subtract the Fibonacci factor. Thus, the first level of support will be 1.4720-.0913 = 1.3807 The next level of support will be .239 * .618 = .147702 1.4720-.1478 = 1.3242 Next level .239 * .8200 = .1964 1.1965-. just the low level made on January 23 to caress my back was 1.2765)

If you want, you can continue to use the other coefficients. They will be fine as long as the shirt is not taken off or made new.

So when we calculate these levels, we will define the daily key points to see if any overlapping is happening (for me the overlap is 33 points + or – is), then I will give you the price class for my time segment. Remember that these Fibonacci levels have gone down, these same levels will now act as resistance on the way up. If they are violated, they become supportive again. Let’s move on to the key point formula and see how we apply it to Fibonacci key levels.

The key point formula I’re going to pass has been used for as long as I’ve been in the market (20+), ‘this formula was taught to me by a guy who has been in Forex since 1976. As King Solomon said: There is nothing new under Ar ”The key point formula takes on a new meaning when we have overlaps at Fibonacci levels. They become much stronger to use the reaction points. Here is the formula.

We must first calculate the baseline. I calculate the key point on a daily basis as we use daily data. (You can use this in any time frame, just keep the time sequence the same և I would not go for less than 30 minutes) Pivot Formula = High + Low + Close / 3 = x base axis

2x-high = support 2x-low = resistance

I’m going to choose today’s trading session (yesterday’s daily bar) to calculate. 1/26/09 Open 1.2974 High 1.3205 Low 1.2860 Close 1.3135

1.3205 + 1.2860 + 1.3135 / 3 = base axis 1.3066 2 * 1.3066-1.3205 = 1.2997 Support level 1 2 * 1.3066-1.2860 = 1.3272 Resistance level 1

Support Level 2 Main Axis – (R1-S1) 1.3066- (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066-.0275 = 1.2791 (Very Close to Fib Level) Support Level 3 Low -2 x (High Base Axis) 1.25 (2860-). -1.3066) = 1.2860-2x.0139 = 1.2860-.0278 = 1.2582:

Resistance 2 axis + (R1-S1) 1.3066+ (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066 + .0275 = 1.3341 Resistance level 3 High +2 x (axis-low) 1.3205+ (1.3066-1.2860) = 1.3066-1.2860)

So these are our daily levels, և we’re going to draw them on the charts with our old Fibonacci support levels, which became your way of rising your resistance levels. So how do we exchange these key points? Well, the rule of thumb is to go for a long break at the top and shorten them during the break. Easier said than done, because these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to sell back and forth a few times, cutting you just the way they do. To prevent this from happening, you need to give yourself a 35 point stop loss (so if the market breaks or goes down, stays above or below the axis for more than 12 minutes or as short as a 35 point stop. You need experience. With Market Momentum 🙂 This is where my version of the Gan time zone pricing rules come into play. You can follow using the hourly charts, I’m going to describe how I sell these units. This is what is known as discretion, not system. However, you can now develop your own rules for selling these items. My experience has shown me that if trading moves fast to money, we are on the easy side of the market և we will exit when the market starts to slow down. (I am using the Deadline Stop procedure).

Let’s get into it; The data points that came up for me were the Fibonacci point from 1.3242, which coincides with my daily key point of 1.3272. I would like to see how the market responds to these levels. I’m going to write what’s in my daily trading diary so you can see how I traded in the market today. It should be noted that I have several basic systems that I use to trade. This is what I call a semi-commercial system because it’s a bit discretionary. This is the environment I’m used to being in; Because I have been trading in the interbank market for many years, it requires a lot of discretionary trading, as you do. markets. You should only try this if you have a good amount of trading experience. I still have tough, fast rules that I stick to when it comes to discretionary trading. Here are the rules of my time. I will use today’s trading script. It would be the opposite if we traded at the level of support. This is what I call the 15 minute rule. I divide 15 minutes into 3 five-minute time frames. Your market is trying to break the resistance level և fails. You sell the level minus 7-9 points. (our level is 1.3242-9 points) So you would be trading at 1.3233. You expect a quick return (the market is reversing և trying to resist again). (usually less than 1/3; this is a pyramid’s. Always a smaller’s). market carefully. Wait 5 minutes, if not in money (your defeat) close the trade քաշ withdraw.

At 9:15 a.m. EST Market is trying to reach the maximum paid level of 1.3244 at 1.3242 Fib. It can not stand. I am selling 3 units for 1.3231 euros. I will return to the pyramid at the level of 1.3250. I have over 39 S / L points. (Slightly above the key level of 1.3272 at 1.3281) Get a profit at the level of 1.3130. The market closes in the five-minute bar with 1.3239. 9:20 The market is trying to reach the height of 1.3244 և can not overcome it, I miss the price bid of 1.3238. I will not add at this moment. The market closes with 1.3219. There is no feedback yet. 9:25 We are a little narrow in the money market, I will sell a little if I see the level of 1.3235 40. The market in this bar is closing at the level of 1.3217. 9:30 The euro is trying to get 1.32 և pay quickly. It ends again closing at the level of 1.3215. The market is a mess և it can go in any direction at the moment, if we can not rise above 1.3258, I still think we can return to the 1.3150 value zone. 9:35 The euro is trying to break the level of 1.32 35 և is quickly rejected. I wanted to get them higher. Its closing is high of 1.3227. I can not add even if we break the 35 level I am currently in with my stop collection. 9:40 The euro is trying again 30 levels և fails, it is 3 times, we close 1.3215 9:45 narrow range trade 1.3215 1.3230 9:50 Still narrow range trade 1.3211-1,3231 9 : 55 Finally we break 1 index և we close 1.3231 9:55. .

10:00 We descend to the level of 31 1.3140 stop on the spot.

10:15 The market is taking me out with 1.3153.

So I’m exchanging key points. As you can read from the above, I never got that speed, I was a little vigilant because experience has shown me that the longer I stood higher, the more chances I had to try the next level of 1.3272.

My optimal trade would be to sell the First Resistance at 1.3240, if the market goes down to 1.3208, then it will return to the level of 1.3260, where I would sell again. Then quickly fall to the level of 1.3160. Everything in 20 minutes. Trades like this often happen if you know what to look for (what you’re doing now). But today the market made me work for my money. Congratulations Tom!

3 reasons not to trade in the foreign exchange market

Trading in the foreign exchange or forex market has become popular all over the world in recent years and the rise in the popularity of forex trading can be attributed to the ease of access that everyone now has thanks to the advancement of technology. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can become a forex trader and have access to crazy income.

However, there are 3 good reasons why not many people consider forex trading as a way to get additional income. You can name these three parables of trading.

The first condition for successful forex trading is the right mindset. Trading, be it forex or stocks, has inherent risks and not everyone can handle the emotional effects of investing their money in a volatile market. The right mindset is critical to successful day trading.

It goes without saying that the right method or trading strategy is also very important. Finding, developing, and modifying a successful strategy takes time and discipline. Forex trading is a business, and as with any business, you need the right skills and knowledge in order to be successful.

Finally, money is everything. This does not mean that making money requires money. A small account can be built into a larger account over time. Money management is key, which means being able to make small trades and allowing your account to grow over time. But that goes against human nature in our fast-paced world – we want it now!

So, if you don’t have these three, don’t even consider forex trading. But, if you are not risk averse, are willing to learn some simple skills and can manage your money, then forex trading can provide you and your family a part time income or more. Age or background is not important. It is well known in trading circles that young people from the age of 12 have learned forex trading successfully. This does not mean that you will be leaving your day job anytime soon. You will be able to generate additional income, but it takes time and effort to become consistently profitable.

I’ve been trading options for many years now and haven’t been very successful. I just can’t figure out all the technical and basic stuff. I decided that trading was not for me. But one day a friend of mine introduced me to Forex and I found it easier to understand. Sure, the risks and volatility still exist, but the technical side of forex seems to be easier to understand. I haven’t looked back or regretted it a bit, and now I’m a full time forex trader and coach. Forex trading can be profitable, but, as with anything, to be successful, you need to develop skills and knowledge.

High Flying Stock: L International Computers, Inc. Next DELL?

L International Computers, Inc. is a publicly traded company on pink leaves under the symbol of LITL shares. According to a recent press release, the company designs, manufactures, sells and distributes high-performance computers, rich PC / Windows © laptops, desktops, workstations and server computers.

Furthermore, the company states that it produces the largest and most spectacular personal and professional visual displays, as well as ultra-high performance software, peripherals and personal electronics technologies.

They claim that they are “absolute and unrivaled” hardware solutions of the highest performance / higher class

supplier, at any cost. ”Could they be the next Dell?

On August 10, 2006, shares of L International Computers, Inc. they closed at $ 0.29 without volume. On August 31, 2006, the stock traded as much as $ 1.85 and closed at $ 1.40 for more than 10 million shares.

Why all the excitement of investors?

a) A press release issued on September 1, 2006 announces its new generation of PuRam-Go Pu / PuRaid ™ ultra-portable High-Speed ​​Solid State Drive technology.

b) A press release issued on 30 August 2006 announces Metropolis as the world’s first 19 laptops with Nvidia’s Quad-SLI technology; Top quality graphics, gaming and professional visual computing will be free of desktop boxes.

c) A press release issued on 23 August 2006 announces that L International has signed a $ 45 million European Distribution Agreement; The breakthrough deal solidifies corporate global marketing and sales strategies.

Great press releases, but is there any content? Perhaps investors should focus on the following items:

a) According to various professional magazines and articles, the company originally launched its technologies in 2003. Since then, we have not been able to find any financial statements that indicate their sale, profit or loss. The company says it will release financial statements over the next few months. As a company with pink leaves, they are not obliged to provide investors with updated or accurate information.

b) In an article published on October 14, 2004, the company was quoted as saying: “We are no longer in a position, from a financial standpoint, to continue operating and, unfortunately, we are forced to suspend our operations and liquidate our assets in support of our financial obligations. “

c) In a call to the company earlier today, the company acknowledged that it discontinued marketing about eight months ago due to technology upgrades and plans to reopen in about three to four months.

d) Who is Microscan International? They reportedly ordered $ 45 million to purchase products from L International. However, a quick search on google.com gives absolutely nothing about them, not even about the website.

e) Although the company states that it produces its own technologies with employees working at its corporate headquarters, it seems that the address of the records is actually a mailbox in The UPS Store in Santa Barbara, California.

f) L International Computers, Inc. shares are traded on Pink Sheets and are actively promoted through spam shares. Interestingly, a message posted by Pink Sheets LLC on PinkSheets.com indicates that they have removed stock quotes from their website until the company makes current information available to the investor community. Furthermore, they suggest that investors use care and due diligence in their investment decisions because companies engaged in promotional activities without providing adequate current information are often subject to fraudulent activities.

The company reports that it has about 100 million shares in circulation. Is this company worth $ 150 million? Investors watch out.

Investing in gold. Factors influencing the price of gold

Understanding the factors that affect the price of gold is important before investing in precious metals. It is equally important to be aware of the major differences between gold supply and demand compared to other investments, such as commodities, stocks, and bonds.

Another factor to keep in mind. Gold is not the only precious metal to consider when making this type of investment. Silver, Platinum և Palladium are also in high demand as an investment offering gold-like bases, but each has its own unique characteristics as an investment.

Factors influencing the price of gold bars

The value of gold coins or gold bars is contained in the precious metal content. While gold looks beautiful on almost any horse when looking for investment purposes, its aesthetic appeal is usually overlooked. Because of this, the value of gold bars is directly related to the market price of gold; fluctuations, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities, fluctuate with market movements.

How to measure the price of gold?

Most business reports will show the price per troy ounce in US dollars when quoting gold. If you’re looking for a market outside the US, be sure to convert this price to your base currency; know that one troy ounce equals about 31.1 grams.

Keep in mind that the market price is always for pure gold. Most jewelry is much less clean (usually 40-75%), but bars and coins, however, are usually quite clean (over 90%).

Understanding the underlying mechanism of the price of a physical gold sample, you can begin to look at the market forces that cause large daily price fluctuations. They are listed according to their effect on the daily price of gold.

1. Macroeconomic data

The most influential indicator of the price of gold is the daily economic information coming from the world markets. Gold has historically been a safe haven for investment. Like real estate և cash, it’s the place to put your money if all else fails. When money is taken out of the stock market, it mainly flows to this type of investment, but in 2008, when the stock market (the real estate market fell at the same time, gold seemed to be the only safe game), in turn, began its dramatic gains. in the price.

2. Inflation pressure

Inflation is the theory that over time, the value of money will always decrease as prices rise. Although the average price of a house is not $ 40,000, as it was in 1975, the number of gold bars that will be required to buy the same house is quite consistent. Gold, valued at $ 40,000 in 1975, is now worth just over $ 310,000.

This means that no matter what the gold market is, in the long run it is always better than keeping cash without earning any interest on it. If gold does not pay interest, its price generally lags behind inflation rates or better.

3. Gold supply և demand

Supply – the demand for most products – is the main driver of market pricing. Although the price of gold is much more complicated than this basic formula, these factors really do work.

The supply of gold is highly dependent on its price, as the cost of extracting it has become very high. In the past, it was quite easy to search for gold գտնել to find a mine, with many stories of gold rushing to mainland. Nowadays it is much more difficult to extract a large amount of gold և requires expensive equipment և technologies. Also, because gold is not really “consumed” or not consumed the way other commodities do, there is always a large supply of gold, regardless of supply. Thus, unlike most other commodities, gold supply is likely to respond more to its price than to directly affect it.

The demand side is just as backward. As the price of gold falls, so does the demand for jewelry (as jewelry is a discretionary item), but the investment demand for gold will generally decline as prices move downward. The opposite is true, of course, if prices rise. The demand for jewelry gold is declining and the demand for investment is increasing.

The future of gold prices

Consider the economy և inflation rates as the most likely indicators of the price of gold in the future. Another big drop or a sudden rise in inflation can lead to a new big rise in gold. Similarly, if things continue to improve in the world economy, և inflation stays under control, gold prices are likely to remain quite stagnant և they may fall even slightly.

5 advantages of bitcoin that you did not know

Most people have heard of the term Bitcoin but have no clear idea of ​​what it really is. Bitcoin is simply known as a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency system designed to give online users the ability to process transactions via a digital exchange unit known as Bitcoins. In other words, it is a virtual currency.

The Bitcoin system was created in 2009 by an undisclosed programmer(s). Since then, Bitcoin has received a lot of attention as well as controversy as an alternative to the US dollar, the euro, and commodity currencies such as gold and silver.

A private network of computers connected by a common software is used to make transactions and process payments in bitcoin. The creation of bitcoins is based on increasingly complex mathematical algorithms and is purchased with standard national money currencies. Bitcoin users can access their coins through their smartphones or computers.

As a new and growing virtual currency, Bitcoin has some distinct advantages over traditional government fixed currencies. Here are 5 advantages you will enjoy when using Bitcoin

1) No taxes

When you make purchases in dollars, euros or any other fixed government currency, you have to pay an additional amount of money to the government as tax. Each purchasable item has its own specific tax rate. However, when you make a purchase with Bitcoin, sales taxes are not added to your purchases. This is a legal form of tax evasion and is one of the main advantages of being a Bitcoin user.

With zero tax rates, Bitcoin can be useful especially when purchasing luxury items specific to a foreign land. Such items, more often than not, are subject to heavy taxation by the government.

2) Flexible online payments

Bitcoin is an online payment system and like any other such system, Bitcoin users have the luxury of paying for their coins from any corner of the world with internet connection. This means that you can lie on your bed and buy coins instead of the pain of traveling to a particular bank or store to get your work done.

Furthermore, online Bitcoin payment does not require you to fill in details about your personal information. Hence, Bitcoin processing of Bitcoin transactions is much simpler than those made through US bank accounts and credit cards.

3) Minimum transaction fee

Fees and exchange costs are an integral part of standard wire transfers and international purchases. Bitcoin is not monitored or supervised by any intermediary institution or government agency. Therefore, transaction costs remain very low in contrast to international transactions made via traditional currencies.

Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are not known to take a long time as they do not have the complexities of typical authorization requirements and waiting times.

4) Hide the identity of the user

All Bitcoin transactions are separate, or in other words, Bitcoin gives you the option to anonymize the user. Bitcoins are just like cash purchases in the sense that your transactions can never be traced back to you and these purchases are never linked to your personal identity. As a matter of fact, the Bitcoin address generated for user purchases is not the same in two different operations.

If you wish, you have the option to voluntarily disclose and publish your Bitcoin transactions but in most cases users keep their identities secret.

5) No outside interference

One of the greatest advantages of Bitcoin is that it eliminates third-party boycotts. This means that governments, banks, and other financial intermediaries have absolutely no authority to disrupt a user’s transactions or freeze a Bitcoin account. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is strictly based on a peer-to-peer system. Thus, Bitcoin users have more freedom when making purchases with Bitcoins compared to using traditional national currencies.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are relatively new and have not yet undergone major tests. As a result, many feel that there are some risks involved in using Bitcoin. Regardless of Bitcoin’s potential drawbacks, its advantages are clearly strong enough to make it a legitimate competitor to challenge traditional currencies in the not-too-distant future.

Trading Security Guidelines and Demat Accounts in India

In the fast-growing fintech world, stock markets have risen dramatically. About 15,000,000 new investors have joined the stock market since March 2021. A trading account and a demat account are two key components of stock trading, but what is a demat account and what is the difference between a demat account and a trading account? Simply put, a trading account is a place where you keep that part of your money that you want to invest, while a demat account is a place where you hold the shares and other investments you bought.

As the number of investors increases rapidly, so does the possibility of certain abuses. Some common mistakes that an investor must be aware of are:

  • Presenting garbage as gold to get some money: Many traders engage in selling penny stocks, fake banks and other inappropriate stocks to get you to invest for higher returns, but that never happens.

  • We try to play with your mind: Many times brokers try to lure you by targeting your ethnic group, gender, social status, religion and more.

  • Unnecessary payment in advance: many times they take advance payments for goods that will arrive, but never actually arrive. Also, they can take a big cost of opening an account.

  • Power of Attorney (POA): Brokers can take a power of attorney from a trading investor and later misuse it for their personal gain.

The Indian Securities Bureau (SEBI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulate and address these issues and abuses. However, relying on the authorities alone is not enough, we must be careful on our part. So what can we do to avoid being scammed and losing hard earned money? Here are some guidelines to follow to enter the world of market investing to save you from these scams:

  • The cost of opening a demat account usually varies between 0 and Rs. 300. If your broker charges alarmingly more than this, be careful and look at the offers of other brokers.

  • Avoid giving a power of attorney because giving a power of attorney to your broker is not a mandatory guideline of SEBI. Even if it is mandatory to do so with your broker, read all the clauses carefully and make sure there are no holes and only then sign them.

  • Be careful when a broker tries to be too friendly or personal with you, because he may be trying to seduce and deceive you later. Professionalism with a broker is always an added advantage.

  • Don’t fall for the false promise of high yields. The stock market is not a magic wand, it takes time to make legitimate money, and most of the time fast money is a scam.

  • Research your finances and management before investing, regardless of the information the broker gives you.

  • Keep track of all the funds in your trading account and the funds that are with your broker.

Check daily statements and messages sent by regulators and bodies such as CDSL, NDSL and SEBI regarding your investments and general guidelines.

Keep your contact information up to date and available to the authorities and your brokerage house to continue receiving updates.

Finally, it is suggested that while the stock market is growing rapidly and returns look exciting, it is important to be grounded and invest carefully. Although regulators such as SEBI are there to prevent abuses, it is the obligation of investors to be aware and cautious.

I Stack Silver: The News is A Lie:

I am accumulating silver because the news is false

I’re collecting silver because it’s reasonable. Man had to live in a bubble to ignore the events we see and hear every day. I have learned that the main news is propaganda. One only has to look back at how different news channels tell the same story. If you watch a news report on one news channel, it is completely different from what is broadcast on another channel. What I have found is that news channels are like listening to a music radio station. We choose to accept only what we agree with. The news company that a person chooses to use usually just fits the point of view that the person wants to hear. I am collecting silver because the news is false.

There is no news with the truth չկա there is no truth with the news

If you hate Trump, you hear the news of Trump hatred. If you love Trump, you will not join those channels. Trump’s fan will watch “news” programs from “news” media, which report on Trump’s love. Regardless of your political opinion, many will agree that there are “news” stations on the agenda.

You will definitely not find your reason for accumulating silver in the main points of sale, as it is literally propaganda. Unfortunately, many people get their “news” from social media sites to make matters worse. There really is no real news organization. What the American public and the world see is just an agenda machine. That car will convince you that silver is a terrible investment. The average American will tell you that even though silver is valuable, they think it is not money.

The news is a joke

I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. However, it is known that the media is controlled. There are hidden forces pushing the agenda of the powers that be that control all aspects of American life. I will not discuss this opinion, because the reality is everywhere. Schools, books, social media, TV shows … I collect silver only because what I see in the news is not based on reality.

The whole world media is an agenda machine. One time I started clearing the motives of the agenda, what I saw woke me up … My desire to collect silver increased as I saw what came through the prism of history. You can dismiss me as a liar և if you do, I’m not really interested. But you owe it to yourself քին to make your family at least a little more open-minded about yourself. Study the economic history. Look at the Republic of Weimar. Take a look at how the Roman Empire collapsed when they devalued their currency. Remove me if you want, but you can not delete the story.

My obsession with minting silver started when I first heard this phrase fiat: currency.

I am accumulating silver because of history

It all started to fall into place when I stumbled upon Mike Maloney’s 10-part Hidden Secrets of Money series. This series of videos is very well made և explains the US dollar through the prism of history. What I learned not only shocked me … it changed my whole daily life. The content of the video (և the whole series) shocked my consciousness. As I began to see how the story unfolded, I realized that I had been a working trowel since I started many years ago. The whole financial system has been falsified against all of us, our fellow villagers. Simple facts like inflation are false. Inflation is not “normal”. It is designed to keep the US dollar alive and to enrich the rich even more. Inflation is just a silent tax that forces the first 1% of America’s wealth to stay in the first 1%. When I say this out loud, many people say I’m just crazy. “Conspiratorial man.” However, Voltaire said that he lived more than 300 years ago. Silver existed thousands of years ago, before the famous announcement.

Voltaire Quote:

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value of zero.”

History will repeat itself soon after the fall of the dollar. Hyperinflation can already be caught, the end has begun. The impending reset may be today or many days from now. The hidden truth is that it is impossible to stop. The world debt is just too big and the society is too corrupt. I thought only America was bankrupt, but that’s the financial system of all the nations of the world. History has shown that Fiat can not survive. History also shows that the American financial system is going to experience this one recovery. I agree with what I heard from Mike Maloney yesterday. What will happen to the price of silver will be “astronomical” infinity “.

History is coming again

The main reason for accumulating silver is that I have learned that the United States is controlled by a small group of wealthy individuals. You can roll your eyes և remove, but it’s your choice. I know what will happen when the dollar collapses and it collapses.

We just do not know when the dollar will fall. I am accumulating silver to survive when that time comes. I hope I have time to collect more silver, but no one knows when the time will come. I’m heard you can not eat silver, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. My simple answer is that I accumulate silver, I store food, I water.

I am collecting silver because I have done my research, ությունը the truth is before our eyes. The sad thing is that most people just reject it է doing zero research. “Truth” is simply accepted, the march of everyday life moves forward. John C. The public watches the news, swallows the story, continues its day. I wonder if American Idol will be re-enabled? (Bread և circus)

The number one reason to accumulate silver is that I not only see having silver as a way to survive, but also to develop when there is a resurgence. And recovery will take place.

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Wall Street to Main Street: News, Views and Commentary: June 16, 2006

It’s Friday June 16, 2006, and we had some follow through in yesterdays trading session as the Nasdaq shot up over 2.8%, the S&P 500 jumped 2.1% and the Dow pushed its way through the 11,000 mark. But the volume on the Indexes weren’t as heavy as they should’ve been with these gains. It would’ve been a better situation for this jump to spread over a couple of days to avoid a big pullback but the market hung in there. So we may see a slight pullback today but we are looking for additional upside before the weekend.

Now lets take a look at Natural Gas. July natural gas rallied up over 61 cents to over $7.2 per mil BTU. That brings us to a company that we were hesitant about when it was over the $25 number because of a couple of reasons. First it was in a downward trading pattern and second their main source of revenue comes from the Gulf Coast, most specifically New Orleans, LA. Now it’s still a risky situation but under $19 your downside should be limited compared to the upside potential.

We spoke about precious and base metals moving on the upside on Thursday and that’s exactly what they did by the end of the trading day. Bringing many of the gold, silver, and copper stocks right along with it. Companies like Rio Tinto (NYSE: RTP), BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP), Crystallex International (AMEX: KRY), Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), Peru Copper (AMEX: CUP) and Bema Gold (AMEX: BGO) move higher, but the big boys didn’t do too shabby either as Southern Copper (NYSE: PCU) added $5.94 to close at $77.94, Phelps Dodge (NYSE: PD) shot up $4.23 to close at $80.64, U.S. Steel (NYSE: X) rose $4.51 to close at $64.00 and Steel Dynamics (NASDAQ: STLD) traded up $4.66 to close at $55.57.

Now the precious and base metal stocks were not the only ones to do the whatoosie, oil and oil related stocks joined the party as companies like Petroleo Brasil (NYSE: PBR) which traded up $5.37 to close at $78.47, Oceaneering International (NYSE: OII) which traded up $6.59 to close at $78.96 and Ultra Petroleum (NYSE: UPL) which traded up $5.06 to close at $52.69 added to the rally as crude oil prices rose.

Now we should see follow through today in the oil sector as traders may be covering their short positions ahead of the weekend.

Political Front

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is continuing to get as much out of this tense situation as possible as he said a set of incentives and penalties aimed at persuading Tehran to curtail its nuclear programs was a positive step but left the door open in regards to how they would respond. So the beat goes on.

In the United States, President Bush inked the paperwork that has established the largest ocean wildlife reserve in the world. It is located along a string of islands and reefs that stretch 1,400 miles northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands. So President Bush is on a roll as this is sure to tack on to his favorable rating.

Sticking to the U.S., House Republicans have structured a debate on Iraq to show support for the U.S. Troops. The intent is to force lawmakers to take a position either way on withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq in its fourth year. This is scheduled to kick off today.

Tid Bits

The founder of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and one the richest people on the planet, Bill Gates, will be hanging up his day to day hat at the company by 2008, he will be passing the baton to his Chief Technology Officer Ray Ozzie when he steps down. Gates will be concentrating on his charitable efforts through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now rumors are spreading rapidly that Steve Ballmer will be the next to step aside as the software giant struggles to find a way to keep itself relevant in the coming years as companies like Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) are nipping at its heels.

China Construction Bank is having a fire sale as they have sold a decent portfolio of reposed mortgage assets with a face value of US$120 million (960 million yuan) to a foreign investment group. They only received 19% of the face value of the assets, so hence the fire sale. This included both commercial property and land. This is just the start as they are scheduled to unload another billion plus worth of repossessed mortgages by year-end.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is on a tear as they have just unveiled a government site search, basically this is a new function that will allow web surfers to locate data and information that are available on federal agency websites. This should come in handy not only for web surfers but for the government agencies themselves, giving their employees access to information quickly and easily.

After a series of question and answer sessions with the U.S Attorney’s Office and the SEC, it came to light that the former CEO of the New York Stock Exchange Richard Grasso took the 5th over 150 times during the numerous sessions with them. Grasso brought value to the NYSE during his tenure, he was attacked for his compensation package, which was voted on by the then members of the NYSE, and he continues to be hounded as it relates to the AIG situation. This is a developing situation.

Movers and Shakers

Some major movers in yesterdays trading session included Energy Conversion Devices (NASDAQ: ENER), which traded up $5.44 to close at $37.43 on Thursday. The stock just rode the momentum of the sector and you should see some follow through in today’s trading session.

GFI Group Inc (NASDAQ: GFIG) shot up yesterday after Citigroup Investment Research upgraded the stock from a Hold to A Buy. It rose $5.42 to close at $52.05.

Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) shot up $4.78 to close at $68.05, which brings the stock closer to its 52 week high. But we may see a pullback on the stock after the quick run up.

Steve Madden Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHOO) was upgraded to a Strong Buy from an Accumulate by C.L. King, this upgrade sent the stock up $4.64 to close at $30.08. Now the stock still has legs as it could continue it forward motion and reach the $33 maybe $35 mark in the coming weeks.

CEMEX (NYSE: CX) traded up $5.10 to close at $54.64, the company agreed to cancel a US$400-500 million arbitration case against the Indonesian government over a failed put option deal for acquiring a majority stake in PT Semen Gresik. Now it still remains to be seen if this cancellation will open the doors for Cemex to close a US$337 million deal to sell its 24 plus percent Gresik stake to the Rajawali Group. If they do get the green light this could boost the stock further.

Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) kick off the financial sector upward swing when they reported blockbuster numbers, the stock rose $7.36 to close at $131.56, while Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) traded up $5.62 to close at $144.12 and Black Rock (NYSE: BLK) settled in as it traded up $5.82 to close at $128.33. The whole sector moved higher but we are not going to list every company that moved up. A lot of the brokerage stocks are still not peaking so keep an eye on them, as they are sure to move much higher in 2006.

Other stocks that made nice moves on Thursday include Freightcar America (NASDAQ: RAIL) traded up $4.84 to close at $52.04, Dril-Quip (NYSE: DRQ) traded up $4.79 to close at $74.13, PetroChina (NYSE: PTR) traded up $4.71 to close at $99.18, American Commercial Lines (NASDAQ: ACLI) traded up 45.16 to close at $50.86,

Under Ten

Some stocks that made moves on the upside under ten bucks include Encysive Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ENCY), the company stated that the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing their drug to treat high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries, a condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension. This sent the stock up over $1.96 to close at $7.01 Back in March the company delayed its study with TBC3711 and the stock dropped from $9.45 to $4.60 within a couple of days, so you may still see some upward movement on Encysive going into next week.

Other stocks that moved higher yesterday under ten bucks included Datalink (NASDAQ: DTLK) which traded up $1.21 to close at $6.16, Daystar Technologies (NASDAQ: DSTI) traded up 98 cents to close at $9.38, Volcano Corp (NASDAQ: VOLC) traded up 95 cents to close at $9.95, Home Solutions America (AMEX: HOM) traded up 90 cents to close at $7.70, Neopharm, Inc (NASDAQ: NEOL) traded up 89 cents to close at $6.87 and 24/7 Real Media (NASDAQ: TFSM) which traded up 81 cents to close at $7.69.


Believe it or not there were some stocks that actually traded down yesterday and they include PrimeEnergy (NASDAQ: PNRG) which traded down $3.33 to close at $78.47, VeraSun energy (NYSE: VSE) the recent Ethanol IPO dropped down $2.85 to close at $27.15, Nutrisystem (NASDAQ: NTRI) traded down $2.16 to close at 457.42, TeleFlex, Inc (NYSE: TFX) dropped $2.10 to close at $51.28, Daily Journal (NASDAQ: DJCO) traded down $1.19 to close at $38.10 and Altus Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALTU) traded down $1.12 to close at $18.27.

Now some stocks under ten bucks that received the royal smack down yesterday include Catalyst Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CATS) which traded down 55 cents to close at $3.62, Himax Technologies (NASDAQ: HIMX) traded down 23 cents to close at $4.77, Electro Sensors (NASDAQ: ELSE) traded down 17 cents to close at $4.18 and Advanced Environmental Recycling Tech (NASDAQ: AERTA) traded down 13 cents to close at $3.33.

Analyst Upgrades/Downgrades

Recent Analyst upgrades include Coldwater Creek (NASDAQ: CWTR) which was upgraded to an Accumulate from a Neutral by C.L. King, Sovran Self Storage (NYSE: SSS) was upgraded to a Buy from Hold by AG Edwards, Solectron Corp (NYSE: SLR) was upgraded to a Peer Perform from a Under Perform by Bear Stearns and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by UBS.

Recent Analyst downgrades include Catalyst Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CATS) which was downgraded to a Hold from a Buy by Needham & Co, CV Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CVTX) which was downgraded to a Market Perform from an Outperform by Piper Jaffray, General Mills (NYSE: GIS) was downgraded to a Hold from a Buy by Citigroup Investment Research, and Volt Information Sciences (NYSE: VOL) which was downgraded to a Neutral from a buy by Sidoti & Co.

Recent analyst coverage initiations include Bright Inc (NASDAQ: CELL) it was initiated with a Hold rating by Jefferies & Co, Nova Chemical (NYSE: NCX) was initiated with a Sector Performer rating by CIBC World Markets, FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) was initiated with a Buy rating by BB&T Capital Markets and News Corp (NYSE: NWS) which was initiated with a Peer Perform rating by Bear Stearns.


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The importance of financial education

“For a young man or woman, it is vital, first, to understand the value of education, and then to seriously, aggressively, constantly nurture the habit of self-education. -BC Forbes

Education is extremely important for any successful investor. Education can have many different flavors. Some people were given the opportunity to seek higher education, while others were educated based on real life experience. Formal education is not necessary to be a successful investor. After all, some of the most famous investors never went to college. On the side of formal education, all investors must be sure that they are well educated on the topic of investment. Through books, websites and training courses each individual can acquire all the skills needed to become successful in the stock market.

Market performance is often a misunderstood concept of investment. How many times have you heard people comment on how well the market works? The problem with that statement is that the market is not working. Investors and their financial plans are the ones who work, not the market. However, the market is moving up and down just like the business cycle. If the market had succeeded, investors could have made money only when the market rose. Many new investors do not realize that you can make a profit in a declining market, even when market growth is steady. Only through education does an investor learn how to do well in any type of market.

Through good research the investor can choose which investment stocks are right for him. They must be able to analyze the risks, benefits and rates of return. In addition, the investor must be educated on how to distinguish the investment scheme from the actual business. The internet is a place full of predators catching valuable people looking for a way to make a little more money on the stock market. If you have not taken the time to educate yourself on how to research companies or investment opportunities, you can easily lose all your investment capital.

In the end, the responsibility and responsibility for your financial choices, failures and successes lies with you. If you become more educated about investments, the stock market, and the techniques used by other investors, you can develop skills that can make you extremely successful in the stock market. Education starts with common sense, if you don’t understand the company or stock vehicle you’re investing in, it’s probably a bad decision. Only if you are an aggressive and educated consumer and investor can you realize your dreams.