StockScores and Stock Picks Analysis

I recently attended a StockScores seminar in my city. It was an interesting show by Tyler Bullhorn. Basically, it is a promotional presentation of an educational program that offers to teach yourself to effectively buy and sell stocks.

I was very impressed with the seminar and would recommend anyone to go check it out when in town. Organizes free seminars in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

His company has a website called StockScores. On this site, you can use their educational materials and technical analysis tools. It’s a great place to learn some basics of technical analysis, even if you don’t agree with some of its other techniques.

Basic principles
There are some basic principles that it sets out. You need to attend a seminar here in a clear manner. It also gives good examples. It basically sets out two things that I agree with.

  1. Market Efficiency – There are events that will happen to the business and the market will reflect them quickly and efficiently. If it is good, it will rise. If it is bad, it will go down.
  2. Be prepared to lose – place stop-loss orders. Don’t be afraid to check out a bad stock. You should plan to lose trades, but with a small margin.
  3. The market is unfair – yes. There are people who have more privileges to get information and can reply before you can.
  4. I especially like the last one because it reflects, realistically, that you can’t predict where a stock will go before anyone else. It basically defines a simple way to search for a number of stocks that meet certain criteria. After you have this narrow list, you begin to apply fundamental technical analysis to determine if it is a good choice or not. You can read the full article published here