I Stack Silver: The News is A Lie:

I am accumulating silver because the news is false

I’re collecting silver because it’s reasonable. Man had to live in a bubble to ignore the events we see and hear every day. I have learned that the main news is propaganda. One only has to look back at how different news channels tell the same story. If you watch a news report on one news channel, it is completely different from what is broadcast on another channel. What I have found is that news channels are like listening to a music radio station. We choose to accept only what we agree with. The news company that a person chooses to use usually just fits the point of view that the person wants to hear. I am collecting silver because the news is false.

There is no news with the truth չկա there is no truth with the news

If you hate Trump, you hear the news of Trump hatred. If you love Trump, you will not join those channels. Trump’s fan will watch “news” programs from “news” media, which report on Trump’s love. Regardless of your political opinion, many will agree that there are “news” stations on the agenda.

You will definitely not find your reason for accumulating silver in the main points of sale, as it is literally propaganda. Unfortunately, many people get their “news” from social media sites to make matters worse. There really is no real news organization. What the American public and the world see is just an agenda machine. That car will convince you that silver is a terrible investment. The average American will tell you that even though silver is valuable, they think it is not money.

The news is a joke

I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. However, it is known that the media is controlled. There are hidden forces pushing the agenda of the powers that be that control all aspects of American life. I will not discuss this opinion, because the reality is everywhere. Schools, books, social media, TV shows … I collect silver only because what I see in the news is not based on reality.

The whole world media is an agenda machine. One time I started clearing the motives of the agenda, what I saw woke me up … My desire to collect silver increased as I saw what came through the prism of history. You can dismiss me as a liar և if you do, I’m not really interested. But you owe it to yourself քին to make your family at least a little more open-minded about yourself. Study the economic history. Look at the Republic of Weimar. Take a look at how the Roman Empire collapsed when they devalued their currency. Remove me if you want, but you can not delete the story.

My obsession with minting silver started when I first heard this phrase fiat: currency.

I am accumulating silver because of history

It all started to fall into place when I stumbled upon Mike Maloney’s 10-part Hidden Secrets of Money series. This series of videos is very well made և explains the US dollar through the prism of history. What I learned not only shocked me … it changed my whole daily life. The content of the video (և the whole series) shocked my consciousness. As I began to see how the story unfolded, I realized that I had been a working trowel since I started many years ago. The whole financial system has been falsified against all of us, our fellow villagers. Simple facts like inflation are false. Inflation is not “normal”. It is designed to keep the US dollar alive and to enrich the rich even more. Inflation is just a silent tax that forces the first 1% of America’s wealth to stay in the first 1%. When I say this out loud, many people say I’m just crazy. “Conspiratorial man.” However, Voltaire said that he lived more than 300 years ago. Silver existed thousands of years ago, before the famous announcement.

Voltaire Quote:

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value of zero.”

History will repeat itself soon after the fall of the dollar. Hyperinflation can already be caught, the end has begun. The impending reset may be today or many days from now. The hidden truth is that it is impossible to stop. The world debt is just too big and the society is too corrupt. I thought only America was bankrupt, but that’s the financial system of all the nations of the world. History has shown that Fiat can not survive. History also shows that the American financial system is going to experience this one recovery. I agree with what I heard from Mike Maloney yesterday. What will happen to the price of silver will be “astronomical” infinity “.

History is coming again

The main reason for accumulating silver is that I have learned that the United States is controlled by a small group of wealthy individuals. You can roll your eyes և remove, but it’s your choice. I know what will happen when the dollar collapses and it collapses.

We just do not know when the dollar will fall. I am accumulating silver to survive when that time comes. I hope I have time to collect more silver, but no one knows when the time will come. I’m heard you can not eat silver, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. My simple answer is that I accumulate silver, I store food, I water.

I am collecting silver because I have done my research, ությունը the truth is before our eyes. The sad thing is that most people just reject it է doing zero research. “Truth” is simply accepted, the march of everyday life moves forward. John C. The public watches the news, swallows the story, continues its day. I wonder if American Idol will be re-enabled? (Bread և circus)

The number one reason to accumulate silver is that I not only see having silver as a way to survive, but also to develop when there is a resurgence. And recovery will take place.

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