Let globalization help you invest in African countries

Why Africa?

Many more companies are being listed on the African stock market and although their profits cannot be compared to their Western counterparts, many brokers are killing with these initial stock offers. Stocks on African stock exchanges are also cheap and therefore anyone who is willing to invest in African stocks can do so.

Case study

The recent public offering of shares of the Kenyan company “Kengen”. On the first day of the Kengen stock market, the price of each share tripled, and some shareholders sold their shares at a price six times higher than the price at which they bought their shares. The kengen Share offer in Kenya is just an example of the many opportunities Africa offers.

Globalization means unlimited potential

Most African countries are developing countries. This therefore means that manufacturing and industrial companies are established every month, and thus more and more companies in Africa are maturing and being brought to the stock market to trade. Stocks on African stock exchanges fluctuate a lot and are therefore attractive to someone hoping for a quick kill.

Tips on how to invest in Africa

If you are seriously considering investing in Africa, I suggest you get some reliable contacts from an individual or even better an organization within the country you intend to invest in. This is if you do not have a residence or are not a resident of that country. This is because it is very easy to deceive you, especially considering that most investment banks in Africa or stock exchanges do not trade online. For the end. Choose your broker well. I think I will write later about tips for choosing the right stock broker.

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