401k scam

The 401k scam is a pretty strong statement, but potentially this is one of those programs.

401k rapid collapse; It is money that is usually invested in stocks and mutual funds. The market is growing, so is your money. But that’s not a guarantee, because the market can go down, and when it does, your money is in jeopardy. It’s tying your money up to retirement if you do not want to pay fines or taxes for early withdrawal.

Many people think that the 401 thousand plan or mutual funds are the best way to save for retirement, especially when all these pop culture experts and gurus advise us to invest in them, but let’s look at the warning of the financial analyst. The public was moved by political-corporate coercion to depend on 401k as a major long-term investment vehicle. The Wall Street շուկ stock market has become a key point for providing a comfortable pension for the average American. 401k is a definite promise. to the middle class that they will be able to live on the proceeds of stock ownership, just like the rich. It is a promise that is impossible to fulfill, it is a big 401 thousand falsifications. “

There are three major threats that you must face in order to retire in peace. The first is the loss of your money in the market from the downturn, և when you lose your money, it can become extremely difficult և frustrating, just experiencing a downturn. The second is the taxes, the third is the interest you pay.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that most people do not even know who their 401k manager is, let alone their financial history. They also do not know in which funds or even companies their money is invested. In my opinion, it is a very risky game when considering your retirement amount is something you want to depend on.

I want you to think about it, you keep hearing your employers talk about a 401k plan և how they fit into your deposit, which some interpret as free money. It is estimated that the 401,000 plan will have about $ 10 trillion in qualified software, which in turn makes it a trillion-dollar business. 401k is for business people, do not get it misinterpreted or distorted. Do you agree that it’s a lot to entrust to Wall Street consultants, their computer systems, who can not guarantee that you will get the money you invest?

John D.

Just ask yourself, is there an opportunity? I’m just saying ‘opportunity’ that investment bankers, stock brokers և their brokerage houses are a little more concerned about their own assets. Can they pass on these Wall Street strategies knowing that without your investment they can thrive?

As some of you may know, the traditional wisdom propagated by financial experts, gurus, and television personalities is not always true, it’s definitely not designed to make you an “average American” rich. Their main purpose is to force you to feed this rich technique so that enough content is stored in magazines or radio stations to keep you in touch throughout the line. Not all of them are like that, but I want you to realize that there are some individuals who do. For the most part, Wall Street was never created to enrich the nation’s citizens, but rather to raise money within those gilded walls.

We all remember the government’s rescue plan after the market crash. Let’s look at the compensation packages distributed by several banks. Now, according to the American Federation of Labor’s Congress of Industrial Organizations in 2009, Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and JP Morgan Chase have both received approximately $ 10 million in compensation, with John Stambf receiving about $ 20 million from Wells Fargo. and Bank of America Thomas Montag received about $ 30. million compensation. This is a whole year for people. Now I do not knock on anyone who wants to work hard to get such money, but who do you think pays the CEO’s ridiculous salary? That’s right; you guessed it; I, who can obscure the mirror?

The market can be prosperous if you have money to gamble, but betting on your retirement money is not a financially sensible move. Now I’m not a financial guru, but I’m a person who focuses on safe money investing. I want to help people understand that there are ways to build a solid foundation of security – never lose money in a market turmoil. 401k ադարձ mutual funds are very risky investments և can potentially consume your entire investment depending on how you define your investments.

Some of the better plans are 101 plans, annuities այլ other life insurance plans. I will not go into those plans in detail here, but will find a consultant in your area who specializes in those products կլինի will be informed.