Brexit ը Trump was shocked. Here’s what ‘s next

It started with the Brexit vote in the UK and then with Trump’s victory in the US. These two votes shocked the whole world, because no one from the political elite could have imagined that such results could happen. But they did happen, and many more shocking waves awaited. In the next few years, we will probably see more “swan” events promoting pro-independence, even outright separatist movements. The curtain is drawn more and more, revealing the status quo of the institution.

First Britain, then the United States, now the next big “shocks” will come from Europe, we just spent the last four decades living “age of lawGovernments offer divisions for each election, treating voters like heroin addicts whose motto is:just promise them more, they will be happy.“It did not matter which party, they all did the same thing, the problem was that they did not have the money to pay all these free payments, now is the day of reckoning.

The authorities have toppled the world’s economies by pursuing a monetary policy that included the creation of trillions of dollars from the air and even the imposition of negative interest rates on consumers. They have taken away any return on their savings from the elderly, now endangering pension funds, which has now led to huge funding gaps due to low interest rates.

What we have seen in the last year has been quite remarkable, but what is going to happen in the last two years will seem obedient. A number of major political events are expected in Europe next year. The next big date is December 4, when we have the “Italian referendum on constitutional changes” and the Austrian presidential election. With growing anti-EU sentiment across Europe, any of these events may be dominoes that are contagious, with more dominoes falling. sending the whole continent into a state of ultimate socio-economic collapse.

The European Union is in great danger of collapsing, the possible financial consequences are massive. The Europeans who turned the euro into a dollar during any euro rally are in very good shape today. Investors need to understand what awaits the global economy. Once you have the big picture, develop strategies on how to benefit from it.

The number one priority is to protect our wealth. Many people lost a fortune in a real estate crash in 2006 and a stock market crash in 2008. We are very concerned that these same people will deal a severe blow to the coming global bond market crash.

You need to understand that all markets are interconnected. When investors in Europe saw rising unemployment and rising violence, they did not want to leave all their money in the economy. They looked around to see if the US economy was growing fast, it was growing. They also knew that the US dollar was the world reserve currency, that the US stock markets were the most liquid in the world. So they started opening dollar-denominated bank accounts and investing in US stock markets. Investors from Russia, China, and around the world are doing the same thing: moving their capital beyond risky areas to the perceived security of the US dollar, North American real estate, and stock markets.

So while we’ve seen a lot of instability over the last two years, it’s nothing compared to the future. We are already beginning to see the consequences of negative rates. The bonds are now for sale. This happens in government bonds և corporate bonds. This is a major trend change that is going to cause huge losses to many investors.

Things are heating up, պետք you have to navigate through this fast-paced, mass-changing trend. It will affect everything in your life – your finances, your currency, your mortgage – your ability to sleep at night. These changes will hit the currency, equity, precious metals, oil, bonds and real estate markets. If you understand what to expect, and have a specific plan for how to quickly reduce your investment when each phase begins, this is a good idea. But if you do not have a plan, get help before the coming tsunami of economic change.

That’s your money. control.