Towards a single global currency?

Some initiatives or ideas count on direct acceptance. Then the problem is: how to do it, is the project feasible? Other ideas might be feasible, but count on resistance from the day they are published. For me, one global currency would fall into another category.

I just imagined how the financial crisis would develop when there is only one global currency and one central bank. It could have been better, but it could have been worse.

In my opinion, a single global currency is neither feasible nor desirable.
For starters, the latter: not desirable because I would imagine the system to be less robust. I can’t fully elaborate on this point, but when I think of robustness, I think there are some powers that keep the system in balance. Like the ECB and the Fed and some other institutions.

It is not feasible – again in my opinion – to merge the Fed and the ECB.

Again, elaborating such a statement would require a large number of articles. I’m just talking about the symbolic merger between DaimlerBenz and Chrysler that happened in 1998 and that was sold in 2007. Everything just didn’t work out.

And I think it’s better this way. Let the Fed do it the American way, and let the ECB do it the European way. Somewhere in the middle we will find the best solution.
Let’s forget about the possible connection of these two …