Obama և Buffett – Find out what you have in common with them so you can make quick money

This is NOT a political article. Whether you like Obama or not, whether you voted for Obama or not, there is a lesson to be learned. Please note that this is NOT a children’s fairy tale. There is a lesson to be learned, whether you believe in Superman or not.

Please note that this is not a stock market primer. There is a lesson to be learned, whether you invest in the stock market or not.

Let’s start with Warren Buffett. There is at least ONE idea that you share with the greatest investor of all time.

Let’s take a look at this ONE idea you share. BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH.

When times are awful, Warren Buffett leaves. He not only SAYS “Buy low sell high”, he actually does it.

YOU KNOW “Buy Low, Sell High”, the purpose of this article is to make you look at whether you BELIEVE in it, whether you are actually ready to do something about it.

Prices are LOW only when there is a problem. Wise investors look at low prices և decision.

  • feel good; և:
  • invest at surprisingly low prices.

People who are just scared of headlines ած scared.

  • feel bad; և:
  • see only the problem, not the low prices.

So what do you ընդհանուր Warren Buffett have in common? And you’s know the rule: “Buy low, sell high.” Warren Buffett invests when prices are low. Will you follow his example, will you be happy now when the prices are low, or will you only see the problem, will you be afraid?

Maybe you are already scared. Well, let me admit that I was scared too, I did not know what to do for a short time when the markets started to collapse in September 2008. But I quickly remembered what I already knew, what Warren Buffett was a model for. Buy low sell high.

I’m not asking you to buy stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. right now. But I’m certainly asking you to feel WONDERFUL that the economy is ready for an impressive rise from this current depths. NOW is the time to feel great. NOW it’s time to prepare for big investment deals. NOW, when the greatest opportunities arise.

Now, let’s look at Obama և Superman Obama is not Superman. Do not waste your time waiting for him to fly to save you. Some people think that Obama will be a great president. others think he will fail. Some people think that Obama has solid financial ideas. others do not. Regardless of whether he is the president, he will do what he does.

That’s the point. He will do what he does, և WILL NOT fly to your house to save you. There is only one person who has that job, YOU.

Obama feels that YOU are Superman, of course not him. He knows he’s not Superman. But one wonderful thing about Obama’s character is that he knows for sure that YOU are the one who can save you. You are the one who can stand up for your current situation. You are the one who can learn your lessons և become bigger than you are now.

One of my favorite quotes from Obama is the following. CHANGE WILL NOT COME FROM WASHINGTON, CHANGE COMES FROM WASHINGTON.. In a figurative sense, he means that only YOU can change yourself, the nation, the world. Start with yourself.

How can you start becoming your own superman, your own Warren Buffett Your task is not just to KNOW the motto “buy low sell high”; rather, now your job is to “buy low sell high”. Notice what GOOD investments are absurdly low right now և then catch them instead of being afraid like everyone else.